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Welcome to my tropical adventure. I am so happy and grateful you are here. This is Amor y Sol (Spanish for Love & Sun) because the greatest days are the ones filled with love and sun. 

We create pieces in small quantities with limited restocks so that you feel just as special to own one as I am to create it. I started designing bikinis and dresses when I was 11. I would design what I dreamed of wearing when I would imagine myself being in a jungle in Bali or on a boat in Greece. But working two to three jobs and being a full time student always made that seem like it was just a hobby. During Quarantine of 2020, I decided to hop off of Netflix and work towards creating that dream I had put to the side for so long into reality and here we are. 

We are ever changing and creating while still sticking to classics inspired by vintage swimwear. I have lived in Miami, Brazil and Colombia and everything I create, from the cut to the patterns and fabrics, are all a product of the cities that made me. From summers spent at south beach with my friends, days spent cliff jumping in Rio and helping my aunt create swimsuits for me when I was a kid in Colombia, I know how the perfect bikini can give you the confidence to conquer the world. 

My designs are made for everyone, everywhere and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for  allowing me to do what my heart desires. I hope you enjoy XOXO



We are not just any swimwear brand but a creative diary. I am sharing everything that inspires me to let the magic inside me run free from showcasing culture, art, building a waste free future, compassionate living, music and embracing the beauty and uniqueness in each woman. 'Amor Y Sol' embody self-love, love for our planet, love for the moment and love for all living beings. 

No matter where you're from, what you look like or what you believe in, we hope you know you are beautiful, that you are a hot, one of a kind bad ass and you are capable of anything and if you go for it, you will have the world at your feet. Your heart is pure and glows like the sun. You are AMOR Y SOL.